5 Strategies For Using Pinterest For Marketing

Many people do not know this, but Pinterest offers a much stronger marketing strategy than what other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can offer. Pinterest has been viewed by many as an “artsy” collection of ideas from people who love to create things from scratch, design, build and DIY. But Pinterest is also an avenue for marketing. But how do we make use of Pinterest to boost our marketing strategy? Implement these easy steps to get the best out of Pinterest as a marketing tool.


Make Your Online Presence Known

Just like any social media like Facebook, you need to establish a UNIQUE identity. Since most Pinterest members are attracted to unique ideas from unique and authentic people, make sure the name and profile of your company showcase this. What makes your company unique? What makes it interesting? Make your creative side known through your profile. To ensure that your viewers are dealing with the right people, remember to include the full name of your company in your profile name and avoid nicknames as much as possible.

Make Your Layout and Pins Shine

Pinterest is a “battle of creativity.” This is true, and you need to use this to the advantage of the company. You should voice out your brand using complementary layout and design. Your brand individuality and uniqueness should be in line with your company’s background and name. It is advisable to pin posts that voice out your brand identity even in the subtlest things. This will unconsciously communicate your brand to customers, without even them knowing it. Pin links to your authentic website and avoid too much information. The simpler is always better.

Filter all the images that you want to pin. Filter them according to the identity and theme that they voiced out, a possible reaction that viewers will have upon seeing the image and the appropriateness of the image in relation to your brand, season or event. This is very important and should not be overlooked.

Update Your Profile

Most customers keep visiting Pinterest pages that are continually updated, as much as possible a daily update will make a big difference in your business. Relevant links should continually be updated because, unlike other social media sites, pins stays for quite some time and viewers need to know that you are always placing fresh dish on the table.

Know your Forte

Know the strengths of your company and stick to it. If you are voicing cute girl tops make sure you consecutive posts are consistent with the voice, you are presenting. Display as many variations as possible and emphasize distinct characteristics on each pin. You can include relevant and interesting blog and articles embedded on your pin. Capture breathtaking moments that every viewer can relate to and then associate it with the brand that your company is presenting. Be careful in doing this because you should not bombard Pinterest members with promotional pins of low-quality. Always incorporate style and creativity on your posts.

Connect to People

You and your company need to bridge the gap between virtual and actual customer connection. You can do this by becoming more available to viewers, answering queries and questions and being open to suggestions and comments. Pinterest is all about being social, and you should not be limited to Pinterest alone. You can cross promote your Facebook or Twitter account to reach more audience, making them feel that your company is adaptable to different social media sites and platforms. Flexibility and online presence is always an advantage.

These strategies are critical if you want to make the best out of Pinterest as a marketing tool. A successful marketing campaign is about being innovative, creative and utilizing available resources to its maximum potential. Start building your Pinterest identity today and watch your market grow into unlimited proportion.

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