5 Tips for Converting More Leads Online

Written by Ashley Bardonaro
November 14th, 2014

5 Tips for Converting More Leads Online

Being able to perform an effective marketing strategy can speak a lot about your business. This simply means that as a business owner, you need to be prepared in learning how to capture, as well as convert new source of traffic from various sources. The following 5 tips will definitely show you how your website can be enhanced so that you will certainly not miss out on opportunities from all marketing efforts.


Tip #1: Use a Customer Relationship Managementbenefits-of-crm-660x652

Customer Relationship Management systems are particularly designed to acquire, retains, as well as maximizes activities. This can be done by customer data collection performed in a central repository. With this strategy in place, and if your sales team has the ‘IT’ factor, that is, using a management system for sales process, there is no doubt that you have already created the foundation of attracting potential customers.

Tip #2: Be Knowledgeable and Available

The reaction time really matters, including the majority of other leads that have already come to you. This only happens, however, after your potential customers have spent time researching for your products and services at online sources. This simply means that your team should also have what it takes to quickly respond to questions. If all possible, it also means creating content directly representing your products and services. The places where these contents are made available can also point to your website. This can also show how knowledgeable you are about your products and services.

Tip #3: Settle on a Common Ground

The first step on this phase includes researching your potential market. This will help you in personalizing the entire sales process. In line with this, if you have a great marketing automation solution which is scoring, as well as collecting data on the behavior of your lead. You may be able to give your sales time intelligence needed in order to personalize, and eventually closing the lead easily.

Tip #4: Choose the Best Hosting Company

Doing so will give you the assurance that you can avoid server crashes. If a website is optimized to meet the standards of search engines, and you eventually show up on the first page of major search engines, you can definitely hit your goal. Crashed server is a major turnoff to your potential customers. Just think about it. If your potential customer visits your page and encounters a ‘not available’ notification, you have just lost one good potential customer. Crashing of your server can speak a lot about your company’s reliability in providing services.


Tip #5: Use Responsive Design

With the introduction of mobile devices and smartphones, using a responsive design will allow your website to attract traffic from potential customers who are accessing your site from their gadgets. In this way, they can do so anytime they want to, anywhere they may be.

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