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The Importance of Lead Validation

This Sideshare was initially shared via Straight North.

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Entrepreneur Interview with Ray Sherman of West Coast Auction Company

In this interview, Ray talks about the things that West Coast Auction Company is up to today, and a few of the things that he's learned along the way.

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Shopping Trends for the 2016 Holiday Season

The Holiday Season brings on a lot of confusion for most brands and companies out there trying to make their holiday season sales quotas. Should we stay traditional? Should we go totally digital?

  • Why Online Reviews Are So Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

Why Online Reviews Are So Vital for Your Small Business

There is perhaps nothing more important to consumers than seeing the opinions of other consumers about the products and services they are thinking about spending their money on.

Web Design Trends That Increase Your Conversions

It's shown that websites with better user experience are more likely to see conversions, which is why we've listed our top web design trends that can help you increase your conversions.

  • How To Retarget Prospects Without Being Creepy |AgintoBlog

How To Retarget Prospects Without Being Creepy

Remarketing or retargeting is a great way to get back in touch with customers or clients that have previously shown interest or that have previously made a purchase or used your service. In short, you tag the users who visit your website, and then Google (or other platforms) place ads for your website/product/service on future webpages that that user visits.

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Can Social Media Listening Really Make a Difference For My Business?

You need to be listening to what people are saying about your business online. What they say, even if it is far away from your business, matters.

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10 Tips For Nonprofits Marketing On Facebook

Facebook can be the perfect way to market your nonprofit, because it provides you with the right tools to raise awareness and alert people to your cause.

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Writing the Perfect Marketing Tweet – Infographic

With the life of a tweet, it can be hard to separate your tweets from your competitors. How can you stand out on Twitter? Here's how to write your tweets.

How To Excite Customers for Limited Time Offers

Check out the SlideShare with these 8 tips that can help you to create urgency for your upcoming sales.