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Founder at Aginto Solutions, and an organic marketing specialist, Chris has worked on everything from SEO to social media marketing to conversion optimization. He spends his downtime raising his daughter, volunteering with the Salvation Army, and obsessing over the Ohio State Buckeyes on Twitter. You can follow him here.

The 3 Steps to Creating Epic City-Page Content for Local SEO

If you're goals are to expand into different cities, and you're creating pages for each of these locations, there are three things you need to keep in mind to both help your first page of Google goals, as well as having engaging content.

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The Easiest Way to Gain 25 New Google Reviews This Week

Gaining online reviews for your business can be difficult, but there are some easy hacks to help you quickly & easily gain more Google reviews.

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7 Ways to Excitedly Blog About Your “Boring” Industry

It’s easy to write for exciting industries like content marketing and SEO, but what if you want to blog about an industry that isn’t as “exciting?” Here's 7 ways you can write for your boring industry.

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How Using Your Most Popular Website Pages to Generate Leads Will Bring in 400% More Opportunities

Most local business websites get the most traffic on their homepages, their about pages, and their contact us pages. Some of your very popular blog posts may also be huge drivers for traffic to your site. Are you maximizing this traffic? Are you using your most popular pages to generate as many leads as possible?

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How Storytelling Will Increase Your Brand Engagement by 340%

The point is, stories are how smart marketers win their customers’ hearts. And winning brands have mastered the art of storytelling.

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How 3 Simple Fixes Can Increase Landing Page Conversions by 200%

The perfect landing page is an elusive concept, but there are ways to make your landing pages more effective at converting people that visit. Here's 3 simple fixes.

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Experience Over Price: How to Shift Your Marketing Strategy to Entice Customers Seeking an Experience

Most of today's consumers are looking to obtain an experience, rather than just a product or service. Here's 3 ways you can adjust your marketing efforts.

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How These 5 Tactics Can Help You Advertise to a Growing Demand Generation

How do you advertise to a generation that has been so saturated with advertisements and constantly wants the newer, bigger, and better thing?

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How Asking Your Potential Clients the Right Questions Can Double Your Revenue

No matter your industry, if you don’t ask your clients enough questions, you’ll have no direction, and no understanding of what they really need. Here's 7 tips on asking better questions of your potential new clients.

Google’s New 2017 SERP Layout Spotted

This morning I was searching for a few local service providers and BAM, there it was – A new Google SERP’s page layout. Just as fast as it was there, on my next search a few minutes later, it was gone. Strange?

It’s common for Google to slightly change the layout of the search engine results […]