Julie Kubalik

About Julie Kubalik

Julie is a Senior Web Developer (and coffee enthusiast) at Aginto Solutions. She's the great mind behind many of our fantastic web creations. When she's not working on projects for our clients, you can find her (with a cup of coffee) rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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The Buttons You Need to Include on Your Website Design

Do you have social media buttons on your website yet? If not, now is the time to include them. You want to be able to quickly and efficiently shuttle your readers to your social networks, making it easy for them to share your blog posts and other content to […]

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The Evolution of Your Website: How to Optimize It and Keep It Working for You

One of the biggest misconceptions about the internet and a website, specifically, is that you can just set it up and leave it alone.

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The Signs It’s Time for a New Website

While you might not need a new website every few months, eventually need one. Here are some signs to look for that will tell you it’s time for a new website.

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Web Design Trends That Increase Your Conversions

More and more emphasis is being placed on user experience. Websites with better user experience are more likely to see conversions. Here are 6 trends to keep in mind.