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About Olivia Haymond

Olivia Haymond is a Social Media Marketer at Aginto Solutions. She's passionate about educating and engaging others via social media. When she isn't crafting new blog articles or creating social media strategies, you can find her creating videos for her YouTube Channel. Follow her on Twitter!
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How to Always Stay Ahead of the Social Media Curve

Social media moves fast. The trends move fast. Remember “Damn Daniel?” Probably not—or if you do, you remember it as a meme that lasted about one week.

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The 299 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following in 2017

We've got an updated list for 2017 of all the marketing and business twitter accounts that you should be following.

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How to Use Twitter Moments for Business

Due to their wide array of uses, Twitter Moments really stands out in terms of business and brand marketing. Here’s how your brand can use Moments.

Instagram Shopping – How You Can Get Prepared

Instagram Shopping is the one-stop-shop (no pun intended) for those who see an item in a picture that they want to purchase.

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Top 20 Marketing Articles to Read Before the End of the Year

In reflection of 2016, I jotted down 20 of my top marketing and business articles of 2016 that have helped me gain more understanding of marketing.

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Facebook’s “Facebook at Work” to Finally Launch in October

In 2014, Facebook announced that their new work platform was in its beginning stages of development. 2 years later, the platform is ready to launch.

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Apps You Need ASAPP: Snapseed, Quik & Feedly

Apps are all about making your life easier—but if you’re not using the right apps, you might actually be making it more complicated.

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2016 Events

Here in Florida, there are a number of local events that you or your organization can get involved with to lend your support. Here's a quick run down...

How Instagram Transformed Itself to Beat Out Snapchat

It's official. The new addition to the popular social media platform, Instagram, has Snapchatters everywhere conflicted on where to post their in-the-moment pics.

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Are Consumers Still Brand Committed?

Brands that have near cult followings, such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, Disney and Chipotle, all have something special that consumers connect with.