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About Tatyana Mournier

Tatyana Mournier is an over-caffeinated content writer, and proud Floridian. A Tampa native and die-hard Buccaneers fan, Tatyana is passionate about creating professional content that’s informative and educational for small business owners. When she’s not researching the latest tech and business trends, she’s often found in downtown Tampa enjoying some vegetarian cuisine.
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3 Pay Per Click Auditing Techniques to Maximize Your Results

Last October, Sophorn Chhay wrote a fantastic guest post for us on Auditing Techniques for your PPC campaigns. With that in mind, we've looked into a few further tactics for maximizing your pay per click results that we'll cover today.

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Using an RSS feed to share YouTube videos in Hootsuite

Recently, a colleague who has been focused on video marketing asked me if there was a way to grab an RSS feed from a YouTube. The answer is, yes! And here's how...

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The Social Media Hacks You Didn’t Even Know Existed (And Probably Aren’t Yet Using)

Managing social media can be tough. Here are the best social media hacks you might not have heard about before, and probably aren't yet maximizing.

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#Instagramable: Follow These 5 Ideas for Engage-able Instagram Content

Writer’s block doesn’t just happen to bloggers—it can happen on every social media, too. This is perhaps especially true of Instagram, when it feels like there are only so many different pictures to post. You might be seeing engagement start to drop on your posts, as you […]

CoSchedule: The New and Improved Hootsuite?

With all of these features and with such a wide and varied base of users, would it even be possible for a new tool to edge in on Hootsuite’s market?

How to Establish Measurable Content Marketing Goals

One of the reasons that most people abandon a content market strategy is because they cannot tell if it's working, how it's working, and why it's working.

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The 5 Reasons Your Clients Don’t Leave Reviews

If you want to get more people to leave you a review, you are going to want to figure out why your clients are already not willing to leave you reviews.

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Why Marketers Are Using Twitter Video instead of Facebook Video

While Facebook is still the king of social media in many regards, video is one area where Twitter has the upper hand...

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What Does the Future of Facebook Marketing Look Like?

Facebook has become one of the best places to market your business. It has a huge and diverse audience and often tops the charts when it comes to engagement. Here’s what the future of marketing on this social media looks like...

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Content: Short or Long?

When it comes to creating content, most people assume that longer content is better—because that's what Google's algorithm prefers. But is longer content always the best choice?