Do you have social media buttons on your website yet? If not, now is the time to include them. You want to be able to quickly and efficiently shuttle your readers to your social networks, making it easy for them to share your blog posts and other content to their own profiles. Social media is one of the most valuable promotion tools available to you and buttons make it much, much easier for someone who likes your content to promote it for you. Here are the two types of social media buttons you need on your website:

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1. Share buttons

These buttons make it possible for anyone who is logged into their social media accounts on their browser or phone to immediately share your content to their profile.

These buttons are usually available for just about every social media that you, as a business, care about, from Facebook to Tumblr to Reddit and beyond. These sharing buttons should be on every blog post, in your emails, on every webpage, and even your landing pages.

2. Follow buttons

The other category of button you should have are follow buttons. These are buttons that will direct anyone who clicks them to your profile, where they will be prompted to immediately follow your social media account. Because most businesses will have a few different social media outlets, you should have a button for each of them on your website.

Depending on what platform is used to build your website, you may be able to add a widget that includes these buttons to each page of your website, or you might need to obtain the custom HTML that most social media provides that can be pasted into your website.


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