As a business, you want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to marketing. The last thing you want is to be left behind. Last year was big for social media marketing, but this year will really see a transformation in the way that companies use social media and the way that consumers interact with companies online. 2014 is already looking to be a great year for small businesses, especially those that take advantage of all that social media has to offer. There are more than a few trends that small businesses are going to want to stay on top of.

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Social media was one of the first services available on mobile, and it is now one of the best places to advertise on mobile devices. Not only are the advertisements integrated into the news feed, they are less annoying than the traditional pop-up and banner ads that are currently the favorite of mobile marketing. A social media campaign will be much better received on mobile—which is poised to finally outstrip desktop this year.


Either running you own blog or getting other blogs to post native advertising about your company is and will still be vitally important in the coming year. As consumers begin to turn away from the flashy, catchy display ads of yesteryear and towards content-based advertisements, promotion in the form of informative, useful blogging will be extremely important. Just make sure that the content does not come across as spam. All social media and Facebook are carefully sifting through content, looking for spam. Create all content with a focus on “utility.” How will it benefit your customers?


Google continues to rework their algorithm to make their social media evermore important when it comes to search rankings. Having a thriving, active Google+ page may be more important even than having an active Facebook account in the coming year. Not only does it serve as a blogging platform, it rewards users for having a large following by boosting their rankings in the search results of those followers. In addition, the social media is continuing to grow, even though it has had a slow start thus far. Capitalize on this media now.

Get in Good Graces

Every social media has its influencers and tastemakers. These people either act as a diving rod, seeking out the next big thing, or have such a following that any mention of your company on their page will lead to explosive growth. Whichever is the case, if you can get in the good graces of one of these influencers, it will mean big things for your company. Use social media to contact these people, and make sure that you can provide content that their followers will find useful and interesting.

This year will be all about adding value. Whose ads add the most value to the marketplace? Those will be the companies that make waves. Use your social media to show consumers that your company produces valuable content, and therefore adds value.


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