Three Local SEO Essentials to Master

This is the major partner of any local business. If you’re a business owner, and are thinking about local SEO, then you are on the right track. Local SEO helps businesses to allow potential customers to find and seek their services. Just like the usual SEO you see among major search engines like Google, local SEO also follows a standard to screen and filter factors that will influence ranking. In order for a business to make the best out of local SEO, they should master these three basic concepts about local SEO.


On-Site Coordination

It is important to ascertain that your company’s website is designed and is compatible for local SEO. It is also important to make sure that your city state and address is accurate, and you have included the appropriate tag, image tags, URL and Meta descriptions. The importance of Meta descriptions is usually overlooked, and it should be remembered that using an appropriate and key effective Meta tags may mean the difference between a potential customer and a lost customer. Your page’s contact information should also be updated, unless you don’t want your business to be found by customers. Include the accurate name of your company, address, including nearby establishments and updated phone number. The local listing of Google should directly reflect your company’s information.

Employing Citation Consistency

Unlike the international searches where Google searches usually dominate, local SEO searches depend upon downloadable apps such as Bing and Yelp. You need to ascertain that your company should be listed in one of these sites so that it will reach more audience. This can be achieved through citations. Citations are like links find among web pages and citations should create an authoritative tone for the local searches to prioritize them. Just as previously mentioned, coordination between citation and listing information should be observed. Therefore, your citation should always be congruent with the listing information. You must also know how to distinguish a less structured citation to a structured citation. The latter is complete with the accurate address and phone number of the company. Inconsistencies of your citations make impact your rankings within local searches.

Make Use of Google Local

This is a great opportunity for you to make use of your company-sensitive keywords for better optimization. Images and videos are greatly encouraged because local search engines tend to place them on higher rankings. Make sure that you post quality content. Quality means unique and is not plagiarized. For your company to create a positive image, you should receive at least five stars. You cannot get any stars if there are no company reviews. However, it is important to understand that a fake review is always negative and should not be observed.

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